Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fendi PVC Flats

They come in more colours but I am planning to buy one of the 3 colours above, what do you reckon? Please feel free to offer any comments.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

First ebay Listing - woohoooo

Hi guys!!

We have finally got our first item on sale on ebay! I hope you guys like our new stock cos we actually found some new stockists ...

Heres the link : Rock Couture ebay link

These are the detailed pics of the ring "Rock Couture", please click on image to enlarge
Comments are highly appreciated
We are so excited !!!!

Dona & Ko

We are back !

Dona & Ko (aka Dova Nat and Ko) is set to strike back again! So many things have happened since our depart ... I guess everyone will be mostly interested as to why we departed and what brought us back together! Everyone at some stage goes through what we call "quarter life crisis" where we feel our lives are stuck and nothing is working well and we are too scared of any challenges because we didnt want change, that was exactly what 3 of us were going through. Dona & Ko was honestly not a multi billion dollar making company, it was enough to earn a living, but nothing spectacular. Although we loved our work and loved our customers, we also really wanted to pursue our interests more whilst we are young.

During these few years, we cotninued to get emails from regular customers asking us if we would sell online but since all of us were in different parts of the world and reluctant to explore the world of internet, this idea was set back until just recently when we gathered up with a smart friend of ours telling us how easy it was to sell online and most importnatly can be managed outside work times! (prob plus a little bludging i guess) We decided to try this out! After a little bit of research (a little bit already overwhelmed us) we realise how big fashion is on the net so this is how we came to start our very first blog ....

Since we are just starting our ebay site therefore the stock is only limited and mainly we want to test the water first before we drown in the big internet ocean so please tell us your comments as much as possible!! So happy to be doing this all over again and hope to receive emails from long lost customers!

Dova, Nat & Ko xx