Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Style tips

Our new feature is out ! Thought it would be a good idea to be adding style tips and matching suggestions on this blog ! Actually this process was really fun... We got to play dress ups all day!! At least my clothes get worn (altho just worn at home but still... )

My personal styling preference is simple and plain colours but louder accessories. Actually these pants was these granny pants which was given to us for doing the Sydney Olympics volunteer... Back then when low waisted and flared jeans was in.... these pants was the ugliest pants ever but for memorys sake I kept it! I took it out, rolled up the hem, tuck in a top and matched it with belts... whoalaaa looks so good now! This can also be done with your mums or dads high waisted granny pants.

Love to get some styling tips from blog readers too so feel free to comment or email me pics!


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