Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bhangra and Medley

While Ko was busy enjoying herself at the Lane Crawford Launch this evening, I visited my local gym with my colleague dancing to Bhangra. You are probably wondering what the hell it is like me before I went besides knowing that it is some Indian Dance. It is actually a folk dance conducted by farmers to celebrate the coming of Spring and the new Bhang harvest, a time known as Vaisakhi.

Above is another of my favourite outfits purchased from the HK fashion outlet that I wore to work today. I actually bought it for a surprisingly low price of about ($30USD). The quality of it is sooo good. The buttons are so cute and durable that I have taken a close up pic to show you.



TheBerryBarn said...

I love your clothing and your jewelry! I will have to check you out on Ebay.

the Oracle of Style said...

The buttons are extraordinary!:)

Taghrid said...

hwo fun!! i am a big fan of bollywood movies and love the dance, did you enjoy it??

ps super cute dress!

Dona Ko said...

Thanks for your lovely messages.

Yeah actually the dance was very enjoyable and i kept laughing throughout it, i would like to keep it up!! The dance instructor has a lot of fans...haha

♥ fashion chalet said...

This one is stunning <3