Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Shoes Trends

I am realy really broke cos have been spending so much I can hardly believe it and dont even wanna go out let alone shoppng for anything new!! But still its so hard to resist when the new season stuff is out
thanks to refinery 29 again for these great summaries of the trends so makes it easier for us!
anyway the recesssion now in the world market makes me feel bad in talking about spending money !! So since i dont have money... i have cleaned out my wardrobe again and have chosen a few pieces after altering will look really good this fall! Will do a post after it is altered to show everyone !


inabeena said...

i quite like the black booties on the last box. I like your blog, will keep tuning in! would you like to swap links?

Dona Ko said...

hey thanks for your nice msg and im glad you will keep coming back!

definatley will link you!

Lexie said...

I love fall fashion..! Great collection of fall shoes. Thanks for sharing..